Perform Murfreesboro

Perform Murfreesboro

Perform Murfreesboro Mission: 

Perform Murfreesboro commits to being a positive influence in the education of Theatrical Arts by providing professional quality theatre programming for children. 

Perform Murfreesboro Believes: 

Theatre Education helps children gain confidence in themselves in the areas of public speaking, music appreciation, dance, creative thinking, problem solving, team and leadership skills, and more. Our practice is to put more emphasis on the process rather than the final product. We believe that by focusing on a quality process, we naturally produce a quality production that will provide entertainment for the community.

The Show Must Go On

While stage productions are temporarily on hold Perform Murfreesboro is filling the calendar with small classes. The carefully choreographed socially distanced classes provide an opportunity for young people to engage, learn and grow as performers and stage technicians.

31st Season

Little Mermaid, Jr.
Cast Photo

Little Mermaid, Jr.  Photos

Little Mermaid, Jr.
Kitchen Staff
Ariel, Flotsum & Jetsum
Little Mermaid, Jr.
Ariel and Eric
Tritan & Ariel

Behind the Scenes

The view from the audience is great. It's fun to take a look behind the scenes too.

Girls putting away props after Little Mermaid Jr.
Lil Mermaid Jr Susan removing Chef's mustache after the show
Men running lights and sound for Little Mermaid Jr.
Mersisters getting ready for the show
Girls getting ready for Perform Murfreesboro production of Little Mermaid Jr.
Actors Scuttle & King Triton back stage ready for the show to start

A view from the Wings

Wings: Areas that are part of a stage deck but out of sight of the audience.

Lil Mermaid Wings
Lil Mermaid  Jr. Pre show bonding
Girls in Little Mermaid Jr. cast back stage


:to dismantle and take away

Strike the set.

Lil Mermaid Jr. students clean up the stage "strike," after the show
Perform Murfreesboro students cleaning up the stage after Little Mermaid Jr.
Music Man
Music Man Cast Photo

Music Man Photos

Music Man
Zenita & Tommy
Music Man Paroo Family and Amaryllis
Music Man Harold and Townfolk
Music Man
Music Man Logo
Music Man Mayor, wife, Marion
Music Man
Music Man Cast Photo
Music Man
Music Man opening
Music Man School Board
Music Man

Previous Shows

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Mary Poppins Cast Photo
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Beauty and the Beast Cast Photo
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Winnie the Pooh Cast Photo
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Aladdin Cast Photo