New Service

MWRD Service Area map - will help you find the correct utility company for your address. If you cannot locate your address, please call our office at 615-848-3209 or Consolidated Utility at 615-893-7225. 

A $40 non-refundable service fee will be applied to all new/transferred service requests. The fee can be paid in the office or applied to your first bill. 

New Service Application

FaucetItems needed to apply for new service with MWRD:



Quick Facts

  • You must have a valid ID and social security number on file to transfer or cancel service over the phone
  • To avoid confusion, please verify that you have the correct address that you are connecting service. 
  • Transferring service to a new location - The non-refundable service initiation fee is added to the first bill at the new address.
  • Cancelling service / moving – Contact Customer Service with termination date and forwarding address for your bill.